Microblading Aftercare - Brows Eyes Lips For The Best Healing Results
microblading aftercare
microblading aftercare
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Professional microblading & PMU aftercare

Brows Eyes Lips is formulated specifically for the microblading and PMU industry to help artists get the best results.


A perfectly balanced formula makes a breathable barrier that protects from micro dust and other external factors. It doesn’t clog pores which minimizes the chance of aftercare overuse.



It’s easy to replace the aftercare product you are currently using with Brows Eyes Lips. No need to change your protocol. Brows Eyes Lips will fit the aftercare instructions you already practice.



Itching, redness and rashes can be signs of skin irritation to petro-based (vaseline jelly) and other chemical ingredients found in popular aftercare products. Brows Eyes Lips is made of non-irritating, chemical-free ingredients.

Maximum pigment retention. Easier touch-up session.

Safe packaging

Sample size packaging (pillow bags) is the most common packaging for aftercare products. Those cannot be properly closed which increases the chance for cross-contamination. Brows Eyes Lips comes in professional tube packaging with a closing cap. Safe and clean to use every time.

Initial & Touch-up

One tube can be used for both the initial and touch-up session. Save money on giving away more than one aftercare package.

Water Free

Water as an ingredient is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Manufacturers use preservatives to prevent this from happening but preservatives can be too aggressive on pigment. Brows Eyes Lips is a water-free formula and that allows us to be 100% preservative free.



Every LOT number is microbiology tested.



Aftercare is important and Brows Eyes Lips brings you peace of mind.


Buy 2 boxes and get free shipping anywhere in USA & Canada.


It comes in a box of 25.


Worldwide shipping available.